H+W CONSULT and Gearset enter partnership to provide fast and easy Salesforce deployments

H+W CONSULT and Gearset enter partnership to provide fast and easy Salesforce deployments

H+W CONSULT and Gearset enter partnership to provide fast and easy Salesforce deployments 1920 1281 H+W CONSULT

March 2021: H+W CONSULT enters a partnership with Gearset, a complete Salesforce DevOps solution for administrators, developers and release managers operating on Salesforce. The goal is to accelerate the Salesforce project release cycle and reduce deployment risks by enabling rollbacks and backing up metadata.

Fast and Easy Salesforce Deployments

H+W CONSULT has been working with Gearset on Salesforce projects for a number of years to compare, move and track changes between Salesforce environments faster and more easily. Thanks to the partnership between H+W and Gearset, we can offer our customers an even better service,” said Marcel Joist, Managing Director of H+W CONSULT.

We are happy to have gained such an experienced Salesforce partner in H+W CONSULT, who advises customers comprehensively,“ added Dave Carter, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Gearset.

What Salesforce Teams can do with Gearset

Gearset is the modern DevOps tool for Salesforce. When developing on the Salesforce platform, you can use Gearset to:

  • Compare environments rapidly to see the metadata differences
  • Build deployment packages to get orgs in sync easily
  • Integrate version control into your development process
  • Set up advanced deployment automation (CI/CD)
  • Track changes between environments with detailed change reports
  • Adopt Salesforce DX without the command line
  • Automate unit testing for Apex code
  • Reduce risks with rollback and backups
  • Improve team collaboration and reduce code conflicts
  • Move data records between production orgs and sandboxes

We recommend the use of Gearset for Salesforce teams of all sizes. It’s a fast alternative to change sets for Salesforce administrators. We are happy to advise our customers and support the introduction of Gearset to accelerate Salesforce projects. Using Gearset, Salesforce teams deploy more reliably and collaborate more effectively“, said Marcel Joist.

About Gearset 

Gearset is the market-leading Salesforce DevOps solution provider with offices in Chicago (U.S.) and Cambridge (UK headquarters). Its mission is to make Salesforce releases lightning-fast, with deployments that work first time, every time. Among Gearset’s clients are McKesson, Zillow, Traction on Demand, Intercom, Accenture, IBM and Johnson & Johnson.
For more information visit https://gearset.com/


H+W CONSULT is Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2001. H+W offers a full range of services around Salesforce and specializes as an expert in technically demanding projects, as well as Salesforce integrations into existing system landscapes.
For more information visit https://hundw.com/

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